Nieuwe Nor – Volunteer Campaign

Nieuwe Nor, an established event venue in Heerlen, is expanding in 2022 with a whole additional building and new, expanded concert halls. This enables them to host events more frequently and allows them to book larger, more established artists and bands.

Of course, tripling the number of events calls for a larger workforce as well. With their bar and production staff consisting mainly of volunteers, it’s not exactly easy to attract more than 100 new volunteers overnight. This is where Cornfliks comes in. Together with Nieuwe Nor we defined two distinct target audiences and created commercials for each of them. Through advanced social media targeting, we made sure each commercial reached the right audience.

The campaign was more than successful, resulting in a large pool of new, qualified volunteers to fully staff every upcoming event at Nieuwe Nor.

Martijn Martens

Director, Camera, Edit

Dean Kisters

Camera, Edit

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