Architectural Overview – How RPA Works

Wondering how the Another Monday automation architecture works and what it makes unique for Robotic Process Automation (RPA)? The answer lies in the scalable, stable and most efficient utilization of software robots. We call it a “Split & Pull Process Architecture”. Fewer bots for more tasks in less time. Split: Another Mondays software robots are “multiskilled” so they can take on the role of Data Collector (DCO) or Processor (PRO). DCOs collect and create transparency over all tasks. PROs execute them prioritized. Pull: Once a task has been completed, the tasks get distributed (pulled) automatically. Costly robot downtimes are eliminated and efficiency is guaranteed.

Martijn Martens

Director, animator

Ivo Trompenaars


Wouter van Rijmenam



Voice-over casting

Dean Kisters

Writing/Editing assistant

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