The Notorious IBE Winter Studio

With Covid-19 grinding everything to a halt, the famous Notorious IBE festival, which takes place every summer in Heerlen, had to continue in a different form. It’s battles, cyphers, performances and talks moved to an indoor studio, where we created content exclusively for the New Dance TV platform ( In total, we created 16 individual videos and 5 live streams in one month, and assisted in shooting of several more.

  • Perfect Beat Challenge: Local music producers are given a sample pack and get 60 minutes to produce the best beat.
  • Five episodes of Behind the Music: DJ’s bring undiscovered vinyl and discuss them live.
  • Two episodes of 10 Photos With: We pick 10 photo’s off of someone’s Instagram and ask about the stories behind them.
  • Five DJ Sessions: Live sets from well-known DJ’s
  • The HFC v.s. Breaksquad breakdance battle: The two best crews of the Benelux
  • Five live streams and panel discussions about Hip Hop, culture, and breakdance.

Martijn Martens

Director, Camera, Producer

Dean Kisters

Camera, Editor

Patrick Slootmakers

Extra Camera

Hussein Al Khayat

Extra Camera

Paul van Dal


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