Urban Dans Dagen 2021

For the yearly Urban Dance Days in Eindhoven, the Netherlands we got the chance to produce four distinct shows. For each show, we delivered several cuts for different platforms and audiences. Because of the Covid-19 pandemic, the organization decided to broadcast the episodes online. A small selection is showcased on this page, the full content is available to watch exclusively on https://newdancetv.com.

  • Open Your Mind Invitational: Experimental dance battle inviting 16 of the best dancers
  • Dutch Breakdance Championships: Four of the best crews battle for the first place
  • Hip Hop Kingz the Three: Hip Hop dance battle featuring crews of exactly three people.
  • Braincandies Large: Five episodes of inspirational ted-style talks by well-known influencers in the dance scene.

We also delivered several highlights, Instagram clips, and teasers for promotional use on social media.

Martijn Martens

Director, Camera, Edit

Dean Kisters

Camera, Edit

Rudolf Polderman

Co-Director Hip Hop Kingz

Paul van Dal


Owen Ling

Camera, Motion Graphics

Ted Heil

Additional Camera

Raemy Abdelsalam

Additional Camera

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