EllMatic & MPDrees24 – One Step at a Time

Album: Practice Makes Perfect

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Heerlen Fucking City (HFC) – Breakdancers (https://hfcdancestudio.com/)
Gelson Batista – Intro and outro verse
Jeroen Fiegen – Skateboarder
Blabbermouf – Chess player
Rik Houben – Chess player
Nick Sidekick – Kung Fu

Special Thanks:
Arian Winterink, Unframed Foundation, Jordy van Geenen, Erik van Geenen, SQB (and his family!), Tom Lindelauf, Vyniels, Jop Vermeesch, Het Verzet

For Bookings: ellmaticmusic@gmail.com

Martijn Martens

Cinematography, Edit

Patrick Slootmakers

Production Assistant

Dean Kisters

Editing Assistant

Behind the Scenes

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