JDL Street Art – Murals

JDL Street art is one of the Netherlands’ leading street art foundations lead by artist Judith de Leeuw. The multiple award-winning artist was born and raised in Amsterdam, Netherlands. In 2015 she graduated in Art & Design which was followed by a one-year bachelor at the Willem de Kooning Academy in 2016. Her art evolved quickly, as she became an established artist in a very short period. Currently, JDL travels worldwide as an international artist to realize her large-scale murals.

JDL uses her art to translate emotion, but the concepts are deeply themed around her surroundings and social issues. This is also a reason for JDL’s big love for public space.

Her projects took her around the globe, including big parts of Europe, Asia, and the United States.

For this project, she had asked us to create multiple short promotional videos for use on her Instagram, advertising screens in and around Amsterdam, and other uses online.

Martijn Martens

Director, Camera, Edit

Dean Kisters

Additional Camera

Hussein Al Khayat

Additional Camera

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