102 Connection

First teaser for our self-produced documentary with the current working title ‘102 Connection’

102 Connection is a documentary telling the stories of two bboys – Born (NYC) and Marciano (Heerlen). Bboy Born is a well-known figure in the breakdancing scene. Born in South Korea, he has been active in the b-boy scene since the 1990s and has gained worldwide recognition for his exceptional skills, original moves, and contributions to the culture. He decided to move to New York City, the birthplace of hip-hop and breakdancing where he became an icon for breakdancers worldwide.

This story collides with the story of up-and-coming bboy Marciano, from Heerlen. As a member of the HFC crew he is already making a name for himself. During his training over the years he repeatedly heard from crew members that his dancing style and approach where similar to that of Born. In order to further develop his breaking he decided to travel to NYC and spend some weeks with Born, to learn about not just his dancing, but also his philosophy, thoughts and the origins of hip hop. This inspiring documentary takes you on a journey through NYC, where we closely follow the stories of these two dancers.

Estimated premiere date of the full documentary is September 2024

Martijn Martens

Director, Camera, Edit

Dean Kisters


Behind the Scenes

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